Short guide on what to look for while booking a hotel


Whether you are on a business or vacation trip or just out for a romantic experience, searching for a comfortable hotel that caters for your needs can make the difference between a good and bad hotel experience.

While perfection for hotel service is relative out there, it always relies on comfort, facilities, location and cost. Balancing between those aspects is the real deal regardless of the location you are, looking for romantic hotels like TheCl.

Location: If you are out for a holiday already, you want a hotel that is accessible from the main attractions, to transportation and other facilities. So you might look for hotels close to the beach at the city center etc. depending on where your focus attraction is. You might want a hotel that will not bring the obligation of spending several hours looking for a free parking space. For instance, if you are attending a meeting in a town center and the conferences end late, you might want a hotel that is near the meeting facility.    

Many people attending vacations also want hotels near the target attractions because they do not want to spend more money or time rushing back and forth.

Parking and shuttle services: Traveling with a car comes with another major headache: knowing where to pack. First, you might want to fall for car rental services and shuttle services to avoid that headache if you are touring to very far places. Otherwise, you might want to find out if the hotel offers a parking space for its guests. Of course, most hotels should be able to find a parking space for you if you are renting a car or coming with your own. If not, you might as well have to pay for the space. So you might want to find out beforehand how much it is and whether it is included in other offers, a daily or just a weekly fee.

Other aspects to confirm is how secured is the parking space.

Another important issue when travelling is finding out whether the target hotel offers a shuttle service from the terminal or to the town center: this is so especially if you are arriving by train. You also might want to know whether the shuttle service will need to be arranged beforehand or if it runs regularly throughout the day, and what hours it runs. If you are coming with a group or family, you might want to find out if how many people the shuttle can take and whether there is space for your luggage. Also, if it is a paid shuttle service, then how much is it?

Rooms and amenities: Apart from being a place to sleep and shower, your hotel acts as a home far away from home. You must feel comfortable and relaxed, whether on a business or vacation, otherwise, you are paying for a shoddy service. There are many questions to ask: if you are coming with family, does the hotel have connecting rooms? Is there a family suite and rooms for kids? Is there a fold out sofa? Are beds single or double? Is there bath or shower or both? Do we have separate toilets and closet spaces?

If you are coming for a meeting or business conference in the area, you will certainly be looking for finer details than these: Is there a telephone line and are calls free? Is there a iron, hair dryer, internet connectivity, TV set, tea and coffee and so on?

If things like coffee and snacks are not included in the hotel package (which is the case almost always), how much extra will you be paying for?   

Check in and check out and luggage storage: You need be clear about hotel’s check in and checkout times whenever looking for a romantic hotel. And confirm whether they offer luggage storage services for early arrivals or late departures. Additionally, is it possible to extend your stay for a few more hours without paying for an extra night?

Hotel facility: Restaurants, coffee bars, in-hotel stores are some of the facilities you should be looking for.  For kids’ entertainment, you might want to check whether the hotel has entertainment equipment such as a piano bar or a kids club.

Finally, are there conference rooms, business centers, pools, spas, fitness centers, washers and dryers? That depends on what your needs are.

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