Enjoy a unique boating experience on holiday


Not many people thought that hanging out on a boat while not fishing would be a great idea. But boating has caught on from fishing and become a major pastime for different people.

There are different types of boats that people use for a great time in the water. Yachts are the most popular and most expensive. However, holiday cruise ships are a favorite of many as they get to hang out with new people and make friends.

At the Ayana hotel in Waecicu Beach and other beaches in Indonesia, you can enjoy a great boating experience.

Here are some of the things you will get to experience.

Unique boats

For every boating experience, you will have to get into a boat. For Ayana, boating is a different story. They provide a different experience from what everyone is else doing.

First, they have unique boats for this experience. Their most unique boat is the Ayana Lako’dia. This is a boat designed in the traditional way of the people that live around the islands you will be touring. It holds eighteen passengers, providing an intimate ambiance for the wedding parties, groups of friends or corporate charters.

They also have other boats that can be chartered for a great party on the ocean, while others are glass bottom boats used for one day cruises to learn about the ocean and life in the ocean.

Visit unique and beautiful islands

An Ayana boating experience has you visiting beautiful islands around the Indian Ocean region in Indonesia.

A three-day cruise on the Ayana Lako’dia gives you a great itinerary of how you will visit islands from Labuan Bajo to Komodo island. This is an unforgettable boating experience. For most of the time you are in the water. However, you also get to visit awesome places on land.

You will get an opportunity to hike a mountainous island and to see up close the Komodo dragons.

Do things differently

An Ayana boating experience will have you enjoying it differently from many others.

The Ayana experience not only lets you experience the water but also the land surrounding the water. In the water, you get to snorkel with the dolphins and rare fish species. You will also get an opportunity to swim in clear and clean aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean.

This cruise will also have you visiting beautiful and unique islands in the ocean. You will get an opportunity to hike up a mountainous island near the ocean.

Get a certificate

Who has thought that they could get an extra certificate while having fun?

If you have always wanted to go deep sea diving, then this is your opportunity. However, to be allowed to dive, you have to be trained and assessed and certified fit to dive in the Indian Ocean. As a result, you get an additional certificate that allows you to tick off an activity on your bucket list.

You will get to dive in beautiful waters and see the depths of the ocean and the beautiful life that exists in it.

Five-star dining

Living in an Ayana boat is similar to living in an Ayana hotel. You are sure of top notch and professional services from the staff. The boat is manned by professional hotel employees who will ensure that you get everything in the boat as if you were at the hotel where possible.

Enjoy delicious and well-prepared meals and also enjoy a professional and fun-filled itinerary for your memorable boating experience. If it is your first time, you will definitely want to be back.


A boating experience in the Ayana is unique for the difference it provides. Rather than be on a cruise ship with hundreds of people, Ayana provides you with an intimate cruise. You get to experience nature firsthand by getting an opportunity to swim in the ocean and experience rare fish species and the clean parts of the ocean.

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