Whistler: An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise


Whistler is one of the most beautiful places to visit in all of Canada. Anybody who visits Canada should definitely include Whistler as one of their mainstay visits. It’s a huge tourist attraction which draws in nearly three million people a year. Many come for the skiing, but the gorgeous scenery and fine dining are other attractions that have a tendency to draw visitors in.

Whistler is located in beautiful BC, Canada, which is known for its gorgeous mountain ranges and beautiful lakes. Just North of Vancouver, many people often fly to Vancouver before shuttling North to visit Whistler. Whistler has been home to numerous events, including the 2010 Olympic games. Whistler is probably best known for its mountains and ski slopes. In 1966, skiing began in Whistler, and it has remained a tourism hotspot ever since. In 2013, Whistler Blackcomb was named the best international family ski resort by Australian tourism magazine Out and About.

While the mountains and gorgeous Wintery scenery stand out as the central part of Whistler, it’s the outlying shopping, restaurants and activities that might keep people coming back year after year. Whistler Village is located at the very bottom of the famed Blackcomb mountains, which is known not just for skiing but also mountain biking, championship golf and hiking. Plenty of other outdoor sports are not to be missed either. These include dog sledding, ice skating, zipline rides and much, much more. Some of the more renknowned restaurants in Whistler Village include the Euro flavored Amsterdam Cafe and Pub, and the elegant contemporary Araxi. Many locations in Whistler sell goods unique to the area, including Merchant of Whistler, which contains local handmade art and Canadian-manufactured furniture.

Whistler is also known for having a remarkably busy nightlife. Several bars, lounges and nightclubs will ensure that the night you spend in Whistler will be a night to remember.

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