When to Plan a Trip to Spain


If you are planning a trip to Spain, your decision for travel will be based on the events taking place and the weather. Many people visit Spain in the summer because of the warm weather. However, some people complain that parts of the country are a bit too warm. In addition, some of the cities may be deserted – namely the cities of Seville and Madrid, as the heat causes residents to sojourn to the coast.

When and Where to Go

If you want to avoid excessive heat, quality travel agents in Livingston suggest that you visit during more temperate times of the year, such as June, September, May, or October. If you can only get off work during the hotter times of the year, you may want to visit Santiago de Compostela or Bilbao in the north, as they are usually cooler.

Visiting Spain in the Winter

If you are traveling on a budget, you may want to visit Spain during the winter months. You will realise a number of benefits when making this choice, including the following:

  • You will not have to contend with as many crowds.
  • You can visit the south without worrying about the excessive heat.
  • You can partake in more events.
  • You can more easily book a hotel room, especially at the last minute.

Just make sure that you do not head north in the winter, as the weather can be inhospitable. If you like to travel at your own pace without having to book a room in advance, winter is an ideal time to visit Spain, especially if you want to keep your costs low.


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