What are The Reasons for Choosing Serviced Apartment Accommodation in Newcastle Over Luxury Hotels?


Newcastle in Australia is the favorite holiday destination which is visited by thousands of vacationers from across the world. This destination is also visited by business professionals for meetings and conferences. So, when it comes to accommodation in this region most of the people opt for Serviced Apartment Accommodation in Newcastle for a variety of good reasons. The level of pleasures and luxurious it offers and comparatively lower prices of serviced apartment make it the most favorite choice of vacationers, leisure and business travelers. There are also other good reasons why opting for Serviced Apartment Accommodation in Newcastle is the profitable option over luxury hotels today.


It is undeniable fact that the Serviced Apartment Accommodation in Newcastle is the most affordable option over the luxury hotels. Hotel rooms at Newcastle region are very expensive and when it comes to stay in hotel rooms for more than a week, it can prove to an expensive affair indeed. So, in such situation Serviced Apartment Accommodation is the feasible options where people can stay for months by paying monthly rentals without compromising on their lifestyle and luxury.

Equipped with All Luxury Amenities

The Serviced Apartment Accommodation rental providers ensure that the apartments are well equipped with all the luxury amenities and facilities to make your stay comfortable and luxurious in all means. These apartments are designed with all basic luxurious for the comfort and peaceful living of the dwellers and all at a small price range. From exceptional interiors to wooden work and marbled flooring, these serviced apartments are designed with creative and peaceful environment and ambiance to help you live in midst of relaxing and tranquil settings.

Homely Food Served

Business executives and tourists from across the globe visit Newcastle and they often opt for the Serviced Apartment Accommodation in Newcastle for staying during their visit and the prime reason for this is to enjoy the homely cooked foods which are served at these facilities. The menus for the visitors are selected based on their preference of timing and cuisines. Some of the facilities also offer fully equipped modular kitchens with refrigerator, stove, microwave oven and other complete range of cutlery which gives you the chance to cook your own food and enjoy some mouthwatering cuisines.

Entertainment and Communication

When you are vacationing or on a business trip at Newcastle, then you need all the facilities of entertainment so as to stay engaged. You may also need some other proper ways for communication so as to stay in touch with your family members, friends and colleagues. So, these Serviced Apartment Accommodation in Newcastle are equipped to provide you with ultimate communication and entertainment facilities. These apartments are equipped with advanced Plasma TVs along with home theatre system and cable network which would give you the feeling like you are at your home away from home. Moreover, most of the serviced apartments are also having Wi-Fi connectivity which keeps your communication up all the time. All these facilities are for free and you only need to pay the monthly rental for opting for such accommodation facility. For more info visit here www.boulevardonbeaumont.com.au

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