Understanding Corporate Housing


Corporate housing St Louis is a great solution if you are you search for an apartment, condo, or house to rent out for a temporary or extended stay. There are many housing options out there in the corporate housing market that will suit your lifestyle standards. This article will discuss corporate housing and will help you determine if it is a good choice for you.

What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate Housing Provider’s Association (CHPA) defines corporate housing as “a furnished apartment, condominium, or house made available for rent or let on a temporary basis.”

“Corporate housing” was derived from the fact that corporate housing is often used by corporate companies that need to house employees in order to save the costs associated with hotel bills. It is primarily used by people traveling for business meetings or work.

Corporate housing makes it easy for you to move in right away, as all the main living necessities are included. In most cases, corporate housing includes:

  • Exceptional amenities
  • Customized & personalized units
  • Pet friendly living locations
  • Fully furnished living areas. Including: an all-inclusive kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and living area necessities.
  • All utilities. Including: gas, electricity, cable TV, internet service (wireless), sewer, trash, water, and recycling.
  • All necessary permits & fees.
  • Washer and dryer (most units)

Who should use Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing was developed with the intention of use by company employees, it has since expanded, and is used widely by many people for different reasons. Some of the main reasons to consider corporate housing for your housing solution include:

  1. Business Travelers

Corporate housing is a wonderful solution for those employees that are required to travel for work or meetings. It can be a fast, budget-conscious solution to a home-away-from-home. This will make the travelling much more enjoyable, and worthwhile.

  1. Vacationers

Corporate housing is a great housing solution for people travelling for leisure purposes. Corporate housing is often located right in the heart and main areas of the cities. This makes it convenient to commute places and brings vacationers close to many popular tourist attractions.

  1. Visitors

Corporate housing can be beneficial if you are looking to visit family and friends for an extended stay. These quality, temporary, accommodations can suit all of your requirements and offer you a comfortable stay for the time being.

  1. Displaced Homeowners

Corporate housing is also a good idea If you are in need of somewhere to stay due to a damaged home. Corporate housing can be a short-term temporary housing solution while things get sorted out with the insurance company.

Corporate housing can be ideal. To add to the list, corporate housing can be used for:

  • Military Personnel
  • Consultants
  • Traveling Doctors
  • Sales Reps
  • Short-term Jobs
  • Pharmaceutical Reps
  • Attorneys
  • Consulting Agencies

How much is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing  costs are dependent on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • The location (close to tourist attraction, conveniences)
  • Length of stay (the longer the stay, the lower the cost)
  • Size of the unit (one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom)
  • Extra amenities (grass cutting, cleaning, pets, infants, parking)

Corporate housing companies can provide you with a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly quote. Don’t be surprised to pay more than you would expect. The units however are well-stocked and furnished to provide you with a comfortable stay.

Corporate housing is a good idea to consider next time you are in need of a housing accommodation. There are many benefits to corporate housing and most importantly, you will have a comfortable stay.

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