Travel To The Best Cities of US Without Worrying Any Issues


Travel costs are rising day by day, and people can not find a perfect destination which won’t hurt the pocket. Finding a proper destination which can give you the thrill of traveling is hard to find. Experts said that airfares are going to increase 1.5% and hotel rates will go up by 2-4%. Although it is possible to go for an affordable trip if you know where you should go. The USA has many places to visit. A savvy traveler will know how to see the world in an affordable way. They find ways to save money in various ways. From cheap hotels to bargain at restaurants. There are a lot of things you can put on your bucket list.

The top 4 cities of US, you can visit to spend the vacation:

  • Washington D.C

The capital of the United States was ranked first upon the affordable place to visit in a quick go. As New York Times listed 52 places to go in 2020, Washington D.C was first in the list. The city can be ideal for a weekend trip as it is the home of many historic landmarks and memorials, best cuisines and famous museums. DC has a metro system, which can be useful to roam around in the city to discover the neighborhoods.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

Next on the list is Cincinnati, the place is a vibrant and underrated city which is full of culture. The city is known for cultural institutions including the art museum and Cincinnati Zoo. The city is unique as it’s home to historic religious sites, from the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption to Plum Street Temple, which is known for detailed architecture. It also has a local brewery scene.

  • Friday Harbour

The United States can also offer you with a seaside trip in the budget. Friday Harbour is a fishing village on the San Juan Islands. If you are a water lover, the place is definitely ideal for you. You can do some water-side activities like dolphin or whale watching, lighthouse tours, walking on the beach etc. The place is famous for Juan Island’s Lavender festival.

  • Nashville

Nashville comes number 4th in the ranking. This is the place where there are many things to do, to eat, to listen which makes it worthy for a weekend trip. The place is known as music city and filled with sounds of country and blues. The place is so musical that many of the Americans have started their journey to the music industry from this place. The city is filled with most iconic bars and eateries.

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