Top Destinations For The Collecting Traveler


You already know you love to travel, but do you love collecting interesting antiques from all around the world?  If you do, this is the right place for you!  There are many places around the world that offer you a priceless opportunity to find great items full of culture and history.  Now don’t go traveling the world without the inside scoop.  Here are a few of the top destinations many collectors consider the cream of the crop for antique seekers.

Beijing, China

Beijing is a hot spot for antique markets.  Here you will find items that are full of rich history and culture.  Liulichang St in the Xicheng District is well known around the world for its amazing ancient book collection and paintings.  If you are more focused around old artifacts, you will want to visit Tianya Antique City.  If you stay around the Peninsula Beijing, there are several different guided tours aimed specifically towards antique collectors.

Waterloo, Belgium

There is a fantastic opportunity for the seasoned collector to find valuable goods at the Waterloo Flea Market.  It’s located just outside of the Chateau Cheval.  The flea market is so large, it covers over thirteen acres of land.  The hundreds of booths are designed in a grid layout, so it’s easy to navigate the area.  They even have places to eat and plenty of parking.  This is a place that will provide a good mixture of classic and contemporary pieces.  Also, you can visit the battlefield there closeby.  The fate of Europe was decided here in the year 1815.

Barcelona, Spain

Las Ramblas is a beautiful walking road leading into Barcelona straight from the arrival port.  There are several little shops to carouse.  You can rummage through old books, lots of clothing stores, and most importantly, there are a wide array of little antique shops.  If you choose to travel down the road, you will come along the Mercat de la Boqueria.  Here you can enjoy a rainbow of fruit stands and taste the pleasure of Catalan cuisine.

London, UK

Here in London, you can visit Notting Hill every weekend and try your luck at searching through over a thousand different stalls in the local flea market.  The flea market offers almost anything you might conceivably be searching for.  Thousands of people visit the market every weekend, and of course there are plenty of places to eat.  You won’t miss out on the local cuisine.  Just make sure you’re prepared for the crowds.  You also will probably want to make a whole day of this trip, as the market is way bigger than you can imagine.  It stretches over almost a mile, so put your walking shoes on.

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