Top 5 Restaurants To Visit In Melbourne


When you are traveling, it is normal and common when you want to try the local cuisine. That’s why there are lots of options when it comes to the best eating spots in tourist’s destinations and objects. In case you are visiting Melbourne, Australia, it doesn’t hurt to try the local cuisine either as Melbourne is known as the modern city that offers loads of interesting things.

Here are 5 top and the best restaurants that you can consider about visiting when you come to Melbourne.

If you are a vegetarian, you can consider going to the St, Georges Road 183 where the Moroccan Soup Bar is located. This place has become everyone’s favorite – vegetarians or non-vegetarians – because of their health yet tasty meals. You won’t find any meat on their menu, but it won’t be a problem for you since the veggies menu are all superb and delicious; they won’t make you hungry either. Not only the food is great, the price range is also nice and affordable. When you decide to eat here, you will be pampered with generous amount of meal without having to spend a fortune. The place is quite cozy and nice and if you like North African meals, this is the best spot for your like. Most of the foods are also organic, so you won’t have to worry about your health or your diet when you come here.

If you really want to have the best treat and you don’t mind spending lots of money for it, you can always visit the Vue De Monde, which is located at the Rialto Tower – at the Level 55, to be exact. Most of the prices are very high – the waitress may even warn you when you first walk into the restaurant – but the food are all heavenly very perfect and nice. Even when you are ordering a special menu with poached eggs, the eggs have been poached for about 64 hours for the best taste. You can also try the Gastronome’s menu, if you are willing to spend about $250 for each menu – and that doesn’t even include the wine. You can have a special tour to the kitchen, if you want to.

If you are into Asian cuisine and you like eating in small plates or portion, you can consider the Golden Field. It is a restaurant and also a bar that is located on Fitzroy St., St. Kilda. The place is cozy and friendly with open kitchen design and marble bar, so you will feel at home. You are free to choose to enjoy complete meal or simply enjoying wine and small snacks at the bar.

If you like casual and friendly atmosphere – without neglecting the elegant style – you can consider going to Attica. It is located on Glen Eira Road 74 at Ripponlea. The place is classic and elegant, but not arrogant or overly exclusive. All the dishes are perfect and nice. If you like crabs, this place is the perfect option because their specialty dish is the famous snow crab.

The last one is the Bottega, which is located in Little Italy. The place is cosy with soft lighting and ambiance so you can feel relaxed and comfy while enjoying your favorite food. The food is great, the salad is tasty, and the wine is nice. If you come here with friends, the atmosphere will definitely boost our mood.

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