Top 5 Reasons to Choose Ranthambore for Vacation


Every luxury train that runs through Rajasthan makes it a point to add Ranthambore to most of its itineraries. The best example is Maharajas’ Express, which has added Ranthambore to all its itineraries that cover Rajasthan. Why is this destination very famous? Tourists from many international locations visit Rajasthan just to visit Ranthambore.

The iconic attraction of Ranthambore is the tiger reserve, which gives the name, ‘Land of Tiger’ to the region. Here are the top five reasons to visit Ranthambore national park.

1. Scenic beauty

The tiger reserve and the region around it are one of the finest scenic destinations, whichis embraced with lakes, meadows, dry deciduous forest and others. If you love natural sightseeing and scenic spots, you ought to visit Ranthambore. Do not forget your camera, even if you are not a professional photographer.

2. Wildlife Attraction

Ranthambore is not just about tiger. You can find numerous mammals like deer, sambhar, jackal, hyena, leopard, sloth bear and others. Apart from these, you can find numerous reptiles and smaller animals like common mongoose, crocodile and others. Jungle safari or game drive in the park will allow you to spot many animals. The park allows two wildlife safaris per day; one in the morning and one in the evening. The chances of spotting larger mammals are very less and are not guaranteed. Wildlife enthusiasts take up back-to-back safaris to increase the chance of spotting tigers and other large mammals.

3. Ranthambore Fort Exploration

Are you tired of natural attractions? It is time to visit a man-made attraction. Ranthambore fort is a 1st century fort located in a scenic region of hill ranges. The fort holds many temples, palaces and others. Some part of the fort has fallen into ruins while the others are still attracting thousands of tourists, every year. You can take jeep safari to the gates of the fort. Chances of spotting tiger on the route are a little high. The Lord Ganesh temple inside the fort attracts numerous pilgrims, every year.

4. Ranthambore Museum

This museum explains the biodiversity of the state. The museum holds a large collection of wildlife books, videography and photography of wildlife attractions and others. The museum also plays a wildlife documentary every day. There is an auditorium inside the museum, which holds seminars and other programs. You can also hire naturalists to guide you through the museum.

5. Historical City

Apart from the wildlife and natural attractions, the city of Sawai Madhopur, which holds Ranthambore, is famous for its ancient architectural beauty. Sawai Madhopur was brought into life in 18th century. There are numerous temples in and around the city. The panoramic view of the city from the hills is mesmerizing. If you are planning to enjoy shopping, you can find unique souvenirs here.

Getting there

Sawai Madhopur can be reached from any part of Rajasthan. You can find buses, trains and other transportations from surrounding cities and states to reach Sawai Madhopur. It also holds a railway station that has frequent trains from different parts of the country. From the railway station, you can hire numerous types of transportations to reach the park. If you are looking for a luxury travel, you can choose Maharajas Express luxury train, which covers Ranthambore in all the itineraries that cover Rajasthan. The tours start from either Mumbai or Delhi. Mumbai and Delhi hold busy international airports that connect almost all important international destinations with India. Thus, you can easily start your journey right after you land in India. Maharajas’ Express provides several itineraries. It is advised to learn about the itineraries in detail before choosing the one you like.

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