Tips To Ensure The Best Cycling Holiday


Cycling is very popular now in the UK and due to its popularity, holiday companies are now offering cycling vacations all around this great country. They also offer trips further afield onto Europe, which includes popular destinations like France and Germany. These countries have been offering cyclists touring holidays for many years now and their governments have built cycle paths all around the country, bringing you to places of great interest. The wonderful thing about a cycling holiday is that you get to choose where you go and you get to choose where you stop.

Before booking the destination of your cycling holidays, you need to think about why you want to go there and what it is that you would like to experience. If you want to explore mountainous areas, then the Netherlands would be a poor choice because it is as flat as a pancake there. Similarly, if you want a flat country, you wouldn’t choose Austria which is famous for its mountainous areas. You need to decide if you want a physical challenge on your vacation or you just want to take things a little more easily.

Choosing The Right holiday.

What do you want? Do you want a cycling holiday where you take the lead and go where you please, or maybe you much prefer a guided cycling vacation, where the itinerary is already decided and laid out for you. Whatever one you decide upon, don’t worry as your tour operator will organise all your accommodation, the transfer of your luggage and they will provide all necessary equipment like your bike, your helmet and your map. If you are an experienced cyclist then going out on your own without the need for a tour guide is usually the one to choose. If this is all a little new to you, then the tour guide option is best.

Challenge Yourself.

It is true that you need a certain level of fitness to go on a cycling holiday. It wouldn’t make sense to go on a ten mile cycling adventure if you haven’t ridden in a while and are less than fit. There is a grading system within the cycling tour operators, in order to pick the right cycling holiday for you. The last thing you want to do, is to choose a holiday that involves lots of hill cycling when you are not at that level of fitness yet. Flat paths with slight inclines are perfect for newbies and it allows your legs to get used to the cycling and for you to get used to the bike itself.

Be Prepared.

It’s important that you are confident when riding a bike in another country where the roads and pathways are new to you. Before the date of your cycling holiday, cycle around your neighbourhood a few times and riding your bike to the local pub is a great idea. Just don’t try to ride it home later when you are intoxicated.

Now is the time to see the world on two wheels instead of the usual four, or in the case of a tour bus, multiple wheels. It’s a holiday for all ages and all abilities.

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