The World’s Most Underrated Cities


Sometimes choosing a vacation destination based on what you’ve heard, is not the best decision. In the case of Melbourne and Bangkok, coming to the cities you’ll find that they are both underrated and that there’s so much to do, see, and know about each.

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Melbourne Australia

Between Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Australia has so many wonderful cities that it is easy to overlook one that is very special. Each of Australia’s cities is located on the coast because the country does not have adequate water sources at the interior of the country. What this means is that each major city is a Beach City with beautiful views of the ocean and access to water and amazing water sports. All of the cities are beautiful but Melbourne stands out for several reasons.

The city is the most inviting to visitors. There are hotels and other accommodations to meet the needs of visitors with any budget. If you were looking for cheap accommodation Melbourne has mini low budget hotels or hostels that can be booked online. If you are a traveler with a high-end budget, the city has some of the best hotels in the country.

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia. In the city you will find more museums, Galleries, and cultural landmarks than any of Australia’s other cities. It was also a bustling Arts community that uses Melbourne as a launch point for their creativity. Every week in the city you will find fairs, conferences, and other events all centered on music, dance or acting. Melbourne is also a foodie city with many International restaurants and the best cuisine from every corner of the world.

In terms of things to do in the city, it was everything from a night at the Opera, and private balloon rides, too low or no-cost activities including museums, cultural events, and beautiful parks and other green spaces. Perhaps Melbourne’s greatest attraction is it people or welcoming and friendly. Once you come to this fantastic city, you will want to visit again and again.

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Thailand is one of the most recognized and popular cities in the world. Everyone is aware of the frenetic pace, the low-cost, and the access to exciting and interesting nightlife. These are the reasons that most travelers come to Bangkok, yet most are surprised when they arrive because what they find is an amazing City with so much more to offer than what they expected.

Bangkok is also a new city, with more new skyscrapers and high-rise condominiums going up to just about any major city. Bangkok is literally being rebuilt as we speak. The city also has many activities for families. There are theme parks, museums and several indoor play areas, water parks, and themed restaurants Ames at kids. In terms of shopping, Bangkok might be the most dance shopping city in the world. Here you will find malls, private shops, designer boutiques and street vendors, and everything in between selling clothing from the lowest to the highest quality. The city also has more temples than any other major city. So if you are Buddhist or interested in the religion, Bangkok has the perfect city for you to visit.

Like with Melbourne, Bangkok biggest asset is its remarkable and friendly people. If you ever get in trouble in Bangkok, the locals are always ready to assist and you’ll be made to feel welcome as long as you stay in the city.

Visit Melbourne and Bangkok and see why each is one of the world’s most underrated cities.

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