The Popular Things To Do In Hickory During Your Next Visit


So are you ready to plan your next holidays and short listing a few places after this long pandemic situation, then you are in the right article? I would suggest you visit Hickory in North Carolina. It is located in between Charlotte and Asheville, at the foot of the beautiful range of the Blue Ridge Mountains which make this place more beautiful. Do make sure you book the Hickory Hotel Fully Furnished Suites for your next visit to make your stay more enjoyable and comfortable.  As a tourist, you can find a number of places which are popular here and have their own history. Make a list of the places while leaving your hotel suite.

  1. Hickory Museum of Art

This is a great museum to visit for art lovers. This is a good place which holds exhibitions, events, and public programs by the local and national level artists.

You will find there a collection of 19th and 20th-century art and they also organize an exhibition of Southern contemporary folk art. You will find the Hickory Science Center which is connected to the art museum. So you have the opportunity to visit both at the same time.

  1. Bakers Mountain Park – Catawba County

If you are a hiking lover and want to explore the big mountains with great wildlife and plants, then I would suggest you visit Bakers Mountain Park which is an amazing and mesmerizing place for nature and mountain lovers. It is situated on the highest elevation point in

Catawba County, It is spread over the range of around 200 acres which is missing of hardwood forest, chestnuts oak, and Mountain Laurel. You will find the best recreational places and picnic spots where you can find visitors sitting and enjoying their day all day long. Do make sure you climb the mountain for the breathtaking and stunning views of the valley.

  1. Downtown Hickory Farmers Market

As the name suggests this is the downtown market of the place so it is quite popular among the locals and visitors too. Though it is a small market it has all that you are looking for in a big market. You will get from daily use goods like egg, milk, bread, butter to precious herbs and spices. Do make sure you have good enough time to roam around this market and pick up a few things along with you.

  1. Union Square

This place is situated in the same area as the Hickory Downtown. The farmer’s market in Union Square is the main hub of the city. You can say it is the heart of the city. You can find the outdoor sitting areas in this place for dining. You will spend time here while watching people, enjoying live music. You can have here enough to eat and sip from the different shops.

  1. Checkout Emerald Hollow Mine

These mines are located in the foot of the beautiful Brushy Mountains. You will really find it an interesting place. You can actually go on searching for some priceless stones and minerals out of 60 different varieties of natural gems. This is one of the places where you can find the rare stones too. You can spend hours finding the right one for you.

Hope you find this article really helpful. These were just a few which I liked the most during my Hickory trip. Do tell me which one you like during your visit.

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