The Charming Dona Tina Hotel in Santiago


When you come to Santiago, the capital city of Chile, you will get an array of options while you dine in an overtly awesome, hoe style repertory. The many visitors who come here for adventure tours in Chile and sample the hearty specialties that are made true to the essence of Chilean cooking. This place is sure to be one of the best places you could ever visit.

Santiago De Chile is the capital and the largest city in Chile. This is located in the central valley of the country. Santiago is one of Latin Americas more modern metropolitan areas. This place has extensive suburban architecture with many modern shopping malls. And also, impressive high rising architecture.

The Dona Tina is the brainchild of Augustine Gomez de Olivares. Who is a sixty eight year old woman who started her career about forty years ago selling amasado which she cooked at home. This chewy, dimpled roll; tastes splendid.

Some very delicious food is made from the hearth of the wood burning oven. This is then served with different dipping sauces and alongside this you could have somatic sour. After you are done with these then you could graduate immediately to the many Chileans wines that you could choose from.

There are lots of dishes that you could choose from.  Some dishes that you may be able to find anywhere else in the region.

Empanada is considered to be the national dish of Chile. These are typically filled with meat that is heavily chopped, eggs and olives. All this is baked in the oven or even stuffed with cheese. If stuffed then the whole thing is fried.  You could also get the Humitas which are essentially made of steamed cornmeal, stuffed beef along with spices and chilies.

You should also try the buttered protos. This is a big white bean which anything; then is of pre Columbian region. All this is served in a casserole along wit pumpkin. There is a soup that is a soup of corn and sweet potatoes along with chicken. The chicken dishes here are roasted, grilled and braised. This is one type of the famous plateada which is a succulent beef brisken which is corned and steamed.

You definitely should try the pastel de choclo. This is almost like a shepherds pie which is preparation with a curst of sugared and fresh corn.  This meal goes very well    with the fresh watermelon and the honeydew.

When you are done with all this you may want to consider a light job a nap, perhaps!

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