The Biggest Reasons Party Buses Became the Most Exciting New Way to Travel


Limos certainly have the same appeal they had years ago but in 2017, more and more groups chose party buses for their travels over other options. Imagine a limo redesigned and enlarged with ten times as many amenities, more fun, and the ability to fit as many as 40 people. Whether you need to get around during a bachelorette party or want to start the party early on your way to a wedding reception, you stand to gain from the choice to rent. Even hundreds of celebrities chose this amazing form of transportation in the last few months alone. Therefore, the next time you and a group of your friends need to get to a location and have some fun, a party bus may be the best option to make that happen.


The DD, or designated driver, was once a person who willingly, and sometimes unwillingly, chose to forego drinks so his or her friends could have a great time. At the end of the day, he or she drove everyone home safely and helped the day end without any laws broken. Party bus rental in New Jersey completely changed all that, making the need for a DD obsolete. Instead, party groups hired professional drivers to bring the party buses to their locations, loaded up, and then shared drinks with everyone in the group. Party buses allow passengers to legally and safely have the best fun possible without leaving anyone out. For this reason alone, they exploded into popularity in a matter of months.


Even groups not quite of age to drink found they could have a better time on party buses. Prom especially offered them a great excuse to splurge on something unique and fun. By splitting the price among friends, everyone in the group could climb into the bus and start the party before they even arrived. TVs, a bar full of their favorite soft drinks, and a licensed and insured chauffeur allowed everyone including the parents to enjoy peace of mind while they traveled to and from the big dance. As an added bonus, showing up in party buses helped these partiers make a huge impact upon their arrival, setting the scene for a night full of excitement.

Wine Tasting / Brewery Tours

As a more adult option, some groups chose to put together wine or brewery tours in their neighborhoods. Whether they loved wine or beer, this was a great way for everyone to have a taste too many safely and without worries. In fact, this time of year proved one of the busiest for party buses and groups from all over New Jersey used them to make the most of their time.

Club Hopping

During bachelor and bachelorette parties, groups got the most of their time by renting party buses. By splitting the already cost-effective price, these parties could explore the whole of New Jersey and its many clubs without interruption or an emptied budget. Whether you plan to party all night or just a few hours, these buses make the fun more exciting.

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