Sweet Sydney in the Summertime – So Much to See


Sydney, Australia has blossomed from a penal colony to a thriving, modern and exciting city in less than two hundred years. It is the largest city in Australia and it boasts excellent cuisine, sophisticated cultural offerings, a safe and family-friendly atmosphere and an absolutely stunning natural setting.

Summertime is one of the best times to visit Sydney, Australia. This time of year, the weather will be beautiful and the beaches will be filled with sun worshippers enjoying the warm rays. It is a time of great cultural activity and there will be several festivals, street performances, art exhibitions and much more happening throughout the summer season.

Sydney in the Summer

During the summer months, you can expect gloriously warm weather conditions. Temperatures will range around 19 degrees Celsius in the night-time and 26 degrees Celsius in the daytime, but can also range as high as 30 degrees.

The city will have an excited vibe as it gears up for the many events, such as the Sydney Festival, New Years Eve, the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and much more. If you do plan on visiting during the summertime, it is a good idea to book your flight to Sydney and your accommodation in advance so that you will be sure to have somewhere to stay – as this is a busy time of year.

Things to Do In Sydney in the Summertime

There are so many things to do in Sydney in the summertime that you will struggle to fit them all in to your trip. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Olympic Park

At Olympic Park during the summer there is a kids program that offers over 50 different activities to choose from. Many of the activities for kids will be free and others will cost less than $20. There will be workshops, clinics, camps and much more for kids to partake in, where they can learn dancing, filmmaking, writing and sports skills.

Harbour Bridge Pylon

Another great activity during the summer is to climb the Harbour Bridge Pylon. When you reach the top you will be treated to a fantastic view of the Sydney Harbour. At the Pylon, there is also an interesting display that will tell you all about the construction of the bridge and its history.

Sydney Festival

This is a month-long celebration of the arts and it runs from the beginning of January until Australia Day, on January 26th. If you love art, culture, music, theatre and dance you will be in heaven – and there are plenty of family friendly shows to enjoy.

Why Not Take a Day Trip?

While you are in Sydney, take the opportunity to explore beyond this city and see some of the nearby attractions. For example, you could venture to the Hunter Valley Vineyards and taste some of the excellent wine that is produced in this region. Or, you could take a trip to the stunning Blue Mountains for some excellent hiking and breath-taking views. Nature lovers will also enjoy a trip to Sydney Harbour National Park, so consider this when you book your Qantas flight.

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