Six Reasons Why You Need to Buy Travel Insurance


Going on holiday is exciting, especially if you are going abroad. When you are offered travel insurance, you may want to think twice before saying no. Although travel insurance may seem like just another way for insurance agencies to get a buck, it is actually much more important than most people realise. Travel insurance can cover a wide range of situations including emergency medical treatment and cancelled trips. Without travel insurance, you can incur a significant amount of expenses and stress. These are the top six reasons why you need to buy travel insurance for your next holiday.

Becoming Ill during Travel Happens Often

What would you do if you went on holiday and became ill enough that you needed to be evaluated by a doctor? Sure, the ideal scenario is that you would go to the local clinic, but how would you pay for it? Would your health insurance cover the expense? The truth is, when travelling abroad your health insurance may have restrictions and limitations surrounding coverage. Moreover, you may not have enough extra funds to cover that visit to the doctor. Travel insurance will cover expenses related to medical treatment.

Travel in and of itself is taxing on the body, especially when travelling far distances. Disrupted sleep schedules, time adjustments, and environmental changes can all contribute to becoming ill and feeling unwell. Often, travellers put off seeing a doctor because it is an expense they did not account for. The decision to delay treatment can make them even more ill, exacerbating conditions and making them harder to treat. Instead of putting off treatment, having travel insurance can cover any emergency medical visits.

The risk of becoming ill during travel is particularly relevant for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Fortunately, it is easy to find the cheapest travel insurance for over 50s with pre-existing conditions. Do not let pre-existing conditions or your age stop you from buying travel insurance and getting the peace of mind you need to be worry-free and enjoy your holiday.

Accidents Are Common

The purpose of this article is not to scare you but to help put things in perspective. The truth is that accidents happen frequently; they are a part of life. No one expects accidents to happen, which is exactly why they are called accidents. Whether someone accidentally falls or gets injured while swimming, travel insurance can cover treatments. Unexpected situations are stressful in and of themselves, which is why knowing any illness or injury will be financially covered is important. No one wants to worry about how he or she will pay for medical treatments and expenses when the person is already stressed.

In the event of a life-changing accident or even death, travel insurance can also provide coverage. Travel insurance can bridge the gaps that may not be covered by your health, disability, and life insurance.

You May Need to Be Evacuated to another Location

Some of the best holiday locations are the worst locations for medical treatment. Many countries and secluded locations do not have access to the most current medical resources or up to date treatment interventions. In the event of an emergency medical situation or accident, you may need to be transported to another location to obtain appropriate medical care. Health insurance may not cover the evacuation cost, leaving the bill to you or worse, not transporting you at all. If the cost is not covered up front, the evacuation may be delayed or prevented. Travel insurance includes specific coverage for evacuation purposes to ensure that you can access the medical care you need to receive, regardless of your location.

Lost Baggage Is Expensive

Having your baggage get lost during your travels is frustrating but it can also be expensive. When travelling abroad, the luggage recovery process is less straightforward and more complex. It may require hiring a company to help you recover the luggage or it may be a total loss, in which you would have to pay out of pocket to replace your personal belongings that were lost. Travel insurance can help you find your lost baggage. If the baggage is unable to be recovered, you will be reimbursed for your lost items. Your personal belongings are valuable and you should have the assurance that in the event they are lost, you will receive the funds to replace them.

Travel Plans Don’t Always Go as Planned

Unfortunately, travel plans don’t always go as planned. Even if you thoroughly booked your holiday, there can still be unforeseen delays and interruptions. Flight delays are common and they can cause multiple interruptions throughout your trip. A two-hour delay for your first flight may cause you to miss your other flights. Whilst airlines try to cover any inconveniences; you still may have to pay out of pocket for certain changes. Adjustments to your itinerary can result in costly fees. Travel insurance can cover expenses related to delayed flights and trip interruptions.

Your Trip Can Be Cancelled

In addition to flight delays, trips can be completely cancelled, especially due to weather. If you purchased a non-refundable trip on the airline and it was cancelled, how would you pay for a new flight? What if you need to get back home and you are out of extra funds, and your return trip has been cancelled? How would you buy a new ticket? These are things many travellers do not think about until it happens and they are out of options. Travel insurance will cover cancelled trips and ensure that you get where you need to go safely and efficiently.

Travel insurance can save you thousands of dollars and prevent you from experiencing undue stress and anxiety. Life is full of surprises such as unexpectedly feeling unwell, having an accident, losing your baggage, and having trip plans be altered or completely cancelled. Regardless of the surprise, travel insurance can ensure that you do not have to pay out of pocket for the financial expenses related to any unforeseen circumstances.

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