Seeing The USA On A Budget


The USA is a fascinating country to visit, and whether you already live there, or will be taking a long plane journey in order to see it, you’ll no doubt be excited about your trip. However, for many families and groups, there’s a need to stick to a tight budget, and they may be wondering how to see more of the USA without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions for saving money when staying in the US, while still having an amazing holiday.

Rent a motorhome

If you want to avoid accommodation costs, and see more than one location during your trip, then hiring a large vehicle such as a motorhome is a great way to see more of the USA. You’ll be able to find cheap RV rental online, and simply pick up your vehicle at the airport or in a city. You can then travel around and stay in RV parks, which are extremely cheap, and have hook ups for electricity and water.


Another advantage of hiring an RV for your trip is that you have kitchen facilities, so can stop at shops along the way. This means you can:

  • Save money on eating out
  • Cater for food allergies and fussy eaters
  • Stay in remote locations where there might not be local restaurants
  • Stock up on food for long trips so you don’t need long stops

Cheap and free attractions

A trip to the USA doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with theme park tickets and expensive events. Most cities and small towns have a huge number of public events, just look online to find out details, and this allows you to enjoy a bit of the local colour.

National parks usually have cheap entrance fees, and they usually offer a large number of activities such as swimming or hiking. Many towns also have free attractions such as little local museums, tours of historic buildings, and art shows. Even cities like New York have free things to do, and if you find yourself in the big apple you can visit Central Park or hop over to Governor’s Island for free. Look out for tourist information centres, which often have tourism cards that give big discounts on the more popular attractions.

Eat cheaply

On nights when you do want to eat out, you’ll be glad to notice that the USA has lots of fairly cheap restaurants. Fast food joints are everywhere, and are usually of a fairly good quality, or look out for charming local places such as diners. These are great places to try local dishes, and are usually fairly cheap and casual.

Visiting the USA doesn’t have to be an expensive experience, and there are lots of ways you can travel on a shoestring. From hiring an RV, to doing your own cooking, you can get by on a fairly low budget on a day to day basis, saving your money for some exciting days out.

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