Rock climbing is fun


Rock climbing is an adventure and one has to try it out as it is a fun activity.

Rock climbing in Bangalore can be done as there are many organizations which organizer these opportunities to go for treks and rock climbing. These are fun and one who has not done this yet should de4finitely try this at once.

Rock Climbing at Badami: This starts on 20th May at 12 in the noon and ends on 21st may at 11.30 PM in the night. This session is organized by the Adventure Junkie. For booking tickets one has to register immediately by paying an amount of Rs 4500. This place was previously known as Vatapi and this place is situated 150 kilometres to the north of Hampi. This place has a lot of rock cut temples and the entire place is surrounded by a lake named Agastya. This place is a perfect one for rock climbing as an amateur and a pro both can go for this.  The cliffs here have a horizontal crack system and so this is actually easy to climb. This place is a brilliant tourist attraction along with places nearby it like Aihole and Pattadakal. Their package includes a proper breakfast after reaching the camping location and then lunch after the climbing is done. They will also organize a night stay at the base camp along with tents and sleeping bags. There will be one local climbing expert along with the group and there will also be the basic medical aid and support in case someone feels a bit ill. One has to carry their own backpacks along with proper climbing shoes and socks. Sunscreen lotions and water sippers are must because these are the most needful thing when you go for rock climbing.

Night Trek at Kunti Betta: This starts on 3rd June at 10 PM and ends on 4th June at 2 PM in the afternoon. If one is interested, they can book it now by paying an amount of Rs 1526. This place is located at around 130 kilometres away from Bangalore and here one can find two rocky hills along with a sugarcane field. This place is actually famous for the Kunti Temple which is situated at the foothills and here is a cave where the Pandavas stayed when they were in exile. This is just a one day trek where one can enjoy rock climbing.

Narayanagiri Trek: The date is on 27th may and this is just a one day trek which starts at 6.30 in the morning and ends on 6.30 in the evening. For booking, one has to register with Rs 1300. This place has a Lakshmi Narayana Temple at the peak and the hill is a fortified one. One has to climb a height of 3845 feet. This place is almost 76 kilometres from Bangalore and one can easily wrap it of in a single day. The best part is, you can go here anytime.

So always be trek ready if you are in Bangalore.

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