Looking for Airline Miles Hike? These Day-to-Day Activities Can Help in Acruing the Miles Faster


For those who travel frequently, accumulating an abundance of air miles is nothing less than an achievement to boast about. However, did you know that you don’t have to fly to collect these air miles? Of course, here are some of the day-to-day activities that can help you hike up your number.

People who are obsessed with amassing air miles would know how troublesome this task can be, especially if you’re not travelling quite often. However, there is a majority of people for whom this concept remains nothing but mystifying.

Along with running behind mileage runs, status, loyalty, bonuses, upgrades, and more, you can even earn air miles by just doing your day-to-day activities. Hold on, if you don’t believe. Mentioned below are such activities that can help you earn miles seamlessly.

  • Fuelling Up Your Vehicle’s Tank: Whether you own a lavish car or a decent motorcycle, fuelling vehicles would be nothing less than a regular task for you, right? However, with this one single task, you can simply get a chance to increase your air miles. But, make sure that you’re taking fuel services from those stations that have partnered with the frequent flyer program you are registered with.
  • Pay with Your Co-brand Credit Card: One of the fastest and easiest ways to earn more miles is by swiping the co-brand credit card whenever necessary. On every buck that you would be spending on purchasing something, you get some air miles Thus, you can put as many purchases as you want on your credit card and earn simultaneously. However, some transactions such as cash-withdrawal, paying for fuel or transactions less than a certain amount do not qualify for earning your air miles. Make sure you are aware of these to avoid the disappointment in the future. These cards offer double-dip, that is you earn air miles for the transaction with partners as well as additional air miles for transacting with the Co-brand card.
  • Rent a Car: How many times do you travel through rented cab services? If your answer is ‘quite often,’ well, you can gain a lot of advantages than you might think. If you manage to discover a cab rental company associated with your airline, which wouldn’t be a tough task, you can earn several miles every time you travel with that cab company. What’s more, there are regular offers that you can avail to get discounts too.
  • Staying can Help: The primary reason for you looking for more and more air miles would be frequent travelling that you are supposed to do, isn’t it? Of course, quite obvious. Hence, in such a scenario, instead of staying at any other hotel or lodge, why don’t you consider choosing such a hotel that is linked with your program? This option will bring you miles just like that.
  • Shopping Online: If you are the kind of person who loves to shop from online portals, make sure you take advantage of your frequent flyer program to accumulate more airline miles. Make a note of the programme partners of your frequent flier and use them over others, so as to earn air miles. Just make sure you access the website through the frequent flyer program website every time you have to shop from the portal. Also, some products do not qualify for earning air miles. Thus, make sure you check this list before continuing.

Air miles are nothing less than a box full of treasures. However, this treasure box doesn’t have to come after spending a lot of years of wait and anticipation. Your regular and daily activities can help you earn a lot of them. So, are you ready to fly wherever you desire with your accumulated air miles? It is the time to pack your bags.

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