How to Rent a Campervan


A campervan is the smallest recreational vehicle that you can rent nowadays. It’s got just enough space for a couple of bunk beds, and some portable storage options where you can keep essential items. If you are going on a road trip with a few of your friends, renting a campervan is generally the best option. While they may be smaller than fully equipped motorhomes, campervans also offer a few benefits that make them a wise choice. For example, one of the benefits that you get from renting a campervan is that they consume less fuel. That’s because campervans are smaller and don’t require much fuel. Furthermore, because they are smaller, they are able to travel much more quickly. You will manage to cover a longer distance in a shorter timeframe than you would be able to in a motorhome.

If you are travelling to New Zealand and want to go on a road trip across the gorgeous countryside, you should definitely consider renting a campervan. There are a number of companies that offer campervan rentals in New Zealand. In fact, many of these companies have branches throughout all of the major cities within the country. If you are renting a campervan for the first time, here are some important things that you should keep in mind.

Consider Your Options

First time travellers often make the foolish mistake of not checking out all of their options before making a rental. With so many companies currently offering rental motorhomes and campervans, there’s really no shortage of options available. As competition has increased within New Zealand, companies have begun to lower their prices and have also started to offer a wide range of different discounts and promotional campaigns to attract customers. You should check out local deals online and should also visit different comparison platforms in order to view all of the options available to you. This will help you make a rental at the lowest price available.

Decide Where You Will Go

Your road trip can only be successful if you plan it meticulously. Before making a booking with any company for a campervan, you need to decide the places that you will be visiting. Find a map of New Zealand and then trace out your whole road trip. If you are ending your trip in a different city than you began, check if the rental company has a drop-off point there. Many reputable companies that offer campervans and cars on rent generally have drop-off points throughout the country. They will add a small fee to your invoice for dropping the campervan at a different location, but it will save you a great deal of time.


A great way to save some money when making the rental is to avoid buying the insurance policy directly from the rental company. Instead, you should first check if your local insurance company provides rental cover or not. Even if your local company doesn’t, you should generally purchase insurance through another insurance company to save a great deal of money. Always check the van carefully before taking possession of the vehicle.

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