How to make your hotel room feel like home


Living out of a suitcase for a while can easily wear you down and leave you feeling homesick, even if you are at the most luxurious hotel in the world. That is why whenever you are going for a holiday or traveling for other purposes, you need to carry with you a few things that will make you feel at home while your away. Bring something that will make your experience in the new place a ‘haven’.

Following are some of the things you can do to make your hotel room more of a home

Sanitize the place

Before getting cozy in that hotel room, it is a good idea that you sanitize. Turn down the corners of the sheets and check through the walls to ensure that there are no pesky bedbugs or other parasites. Carry with you a bottle of Lysol spray or any other effective spray. Go through the closet, the bathroom, and the toilet, spray through any hideouts. Be careful not to overdo it, otherwise, it might stink out the place. Have some sanitizing wipes and go over the doorknobs, nightstand area and any other fixtures that may be conducive for bugs and other harmful microorganisms. 

Fill the space with personal vibes

You’ve been traveling and now you want to rest and enjoy the new environment. Some smudge wand, essential oil sprays, and favorite incense will bring a homely sensation. After sanitizing the space, fill it up with something that will ‘ground’ the place with positivity and energy. 

Come along with some downloaded movies and songs in an iPad

To avoid being stuck with those movie rental bills, it’s good for you to have an iPad or some other electronic device loaded with your favorite movies and music. If you have sleepless nights, you can switch on your favorite show, that good movie, or even stream your favorite songs. This will fill your room with positive energy.

Carry your favorite loungewear

Carrying something that makes you feel extra-cozy is one of the ways of ensuring that you enjoy your home away from home. It doesn’t have to be expensive, new or designer wear, nope. Think of some oversized sweatshirt, soft pants and such. These may look trivial but will perfectly work toward a cozy stay. 

Ensure you’ve your favorite beverage

Ensure that you pack a packet of that coffee, tea leaves and if you aren’t sure of how packed the hotel is with drinks, come along with a few bottles of your favorite. This will spruce up your time in the new place.  When you’re booking for your Self-contained accommodation Toowoomba room, you can check on the company’s website what is available so that you can prepare adequately.

As you pack for your journey, it is important to consider a few things that will bring comfort and turn your room to a home.  Imagine staying in a hotel room for a month with strange things, it can be an uncomfortable experience. Prepare adequately and ensure you have everything that will make you comfortable away from home.

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