Hiring a Car: What You Should Know


When making wedding plans, you want to make sure you also have just the right car when you drive away from the church or your wedding venue. You can choose from a number of stunning vehicles for the special occasion. For example, you can choose from top-end cars in a variety of luxury models.

When you are making a unique selection for a wedding, you need to contact the car hire company to state your exact requirement. Who knows? You may even use the same car for your honeymoon. Naturally, hiring a car is always a good idea if you travel, as you can save a good deal of wear and tear on your own automobile.

Requirements for Hiring a Car

You should also remember several things before you hire a car in Norwich. Car hire companies have certain requirements you must follow in order to request the service. For example, you should always refuel the car after it has been used.

When booking a car, full comprehensive insurance protection is typically included for all quoted online rates. However, a car hiring company will also hire on a customer’s own insurance (C.O.I.). Therefore, you must show that comprehensive cover is already in place. You can get further information about C.O.I. rates if you phone the company.

Taking the Car Overseas

You can take a hire vehicle overseas; however, you will have to pay extra for the privilege. Additional charges are normally assessed for cover extensions to insurance, such as extra breakdown insurance. Any vehicle that crosses over the ocean necessitates a written authorisation from the owner of the vehicle.

The age of the driver is also important. For instance, if you hire a small vehicle, you need to be at least 23 years old. However, if you are hiring a larger van or family-sized vehicle, you are required to be at least 25. Anyone who is 30 years or older can hire an executive or luxury car. If you want to hire a minibus, you must be at least 35.

The upper age limit for driving is 70 years old. The driver must be healthy and in possession of an up-to-date driving licence. In addition, all drivers must hold a full licence for at least two years in order to hire a vehicle.

A driver can hire a vehicle if he or she possesses a licence from his or her own country if the licence is written in English. An international driving permit must accommodate any driving licences outside of the EU. A foreign national who resides in the UK can only use his or her driving licence for a year. After this period, he or she must apply for a licence in the UK.

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