Have the fun of road trip in London


Having a road trip in London is one of the most enjoyable excursions that many people consider when they travel to the city due to the wide range of encounters experienced during the trip. With various tour companies providing road trip to the prospective travelers the visitors are sure to catch the view of the best sites at the least hustle as they might not be familiar with the terrain. The following are some of the features that travelers are sure to enjoy from a well-rounded road trip in London:

The Alexandra palace

The palace is a center of recreation that allows the travelers to engage and experience a wide a range of activities that include; the ice rink, music festivals and exhibition. Other than that, the travelers are sure to catch the spectacular view of some of the eye catching skyscrapers around the palace. Other views present include:

  • The BBC transmission tower
  • Mountains and hills

The high gate wood

This is yet another site that one is sure to experience in the north London which is a 28 hectare land whose ancient features are still intact. The sound of the winds and that of the birds singing makes it a perfect stop over point after a long day of activities. The land is full of various animal species that are hard to find elsewhere and also serves as a heritage center with various ancient activities associated with it. The area remains an ideal place for the travelers as it allows them to:

  • Participate in various games played
  • Explore the natural features
  • Have nature walks and picnics
The arch way bridge

The bridge is one of the sites that road travelers cannot afford to miss during their travel as it’s situated in an ideal place that offers the best view of the city. The bridge is more than just what can be seen as it has great history associate with its construction and use by the ancient inhabitants. Due to its high position it allows the traveler to:

  • Have a clear view of the city
  • Take photos on top of the city
The museums

There exist a good number of museums that travelers cannot exhaust in a single road trip and hence keeping them busy with the sight of a wide variety of features. These museums are cultural centers that allow the travelers to learn more about the ancient economic and social setting of the British people and hence identify with it. Some of the most conspicuous features are the logos, designs and packaging well preserved in these sites. Some of the museums that people visit on their road trip include:

  • The natural history museum
  • The science museum
  • The national gallery
  • The British museum

In conclusion a road trip in London is not only enjoyable but educative and hence making it ideal for all both individuals and families. Those travelling with new cars are required to register to at the drivers and vehicles licensing agency to be eligible. To learn more about the registration requirements they may consider contacting the agency through the dvla contact number available on their official site.

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