Have Some Fun at These Top Outdoor Activities in Amarillo


Are you one for adventure? Do you love the outdoors? If so, then Amarillo, Texas, is the place for your next trip. There’s plenty to do in and around Amarillo, so you won’t have much time to sit by a pool or read a book. But what adventurer would want to do that anyway?

Amarillo is located on Route 66 in the Texas panhandle. The town offers visitors and residents plenty of outdoor adventure and a quaint downtown setting. If you plan to visit Amarillo, The Yellow Rose of Texas, be sure to enjoy these five outdoor activities during your trip.

Stroll the Rock Island Rail Trail

The Rock Island Rail Trail is in downtown Amarillo, so you can access it by foot, bike, or skateboard by staying at a nearby hotel. The trail is part of the original Rock Island Line and offers plenty of nature for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you want to go for a stroll, ride a bike, run, or strap on the old roller skates, the rail trail is perfect for your daily exercise. Be sure to watch your speed when on the trail since it attracts so many visitors daily.

Experience Cadillac Ranch

Image via Flickr by scott1346

Cadillac Ranch is quite possibly the most iconic stop along Route 66, which spans 2,500 miles. The ranch was created in 1974 by a group of artists known as Ant Farm. There are 10 junkyard Cadillacs that are buried halfway in the ground at the location. They have been painted various colors over the years and even have graffiti on them from visitors. Cadillac Ranch is located on I-40 Frontage Road, right along Route 66 in Amarillo.

Sixth Street Historic District

The Sixth Street Historic District of Amarillo is part of Route 66 and offers the quaint downtown feeling that many people crave in the United States. The historic district is home to shops, restaurants, festivals, antique stores, and a ton of history. You will even find nods to various forms of architecture including Art Moderne, Spanish Revival, and Art Deco.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens

There are botanical gardens all over the country, but none can match the beauty and awe that the Amarillo Botanical Gardens offer visitors. A visit to the gardens is lovely whenever you are in Amarillo, no matter the season. There are plenty of flowers, trees, and shrubs to enjoy during a long walk through the gardens. You’ll also find plenty of places to stop for a rest on benches along the route. Every month you can enjoy different activities that include classes, concerts, and other presentations.

Route 66 Zipline and Maze

If you are a true adventure seeker, you cannot miss out on the fun to be had at the Route 66 Zipline & Maze. Located at 1415 Sunrise Drive in Amarillo, this attraction allows you to take in the entire Starlight Ranch from above. Each zip line tower stands more than eight stories tall, and the maze boasts more than 10,000 square feet.

As you can see, Amarillo has more than enough to offer even the most experienced adventure seeker. Head out on Route 66 today to begin your journey to this hidden gem of The Lone Star State. You won’t be disappointed.

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