Essentials to Carry While on a Biking Trip


Cycling trips bring in a sense of freedom that is impossible to experience otherwise. This is one of the best ways to see the world. While you are on a trip, it is better to be as self-reliant as possible. Here are some must carry items to help you out on the upcoming trip:

Bluetooth Headset: Adding the Bluetooth headsets is not just easy but it comes at an affordable rate as well. The ability to get the opportunity to speak with buddies while looking forward to having something to eat is no doubt worthwhile.

Entertainment Sources: It is impossible to ride always. So it is better to carry a source of entertainment in order to make the ride entertaining. While the solo drivers prefer to carry an extra book, if you are traveling in a group, you can carry a deck of cards or any other game that entertains you.

Rain Gear: Raingear occupies an integral part, and you must carry it regardless of the destination you are paying a visit to. It seems to have a great relation with Murphy’s Law. If you pack it, it will never rain, and in case you are not carrying it, it will pour. Most cyclists prefer to carry raingear in order to avoid ailments later. Do not skimp while purchasing a raingear. If you are visiting Vietnam in the wet months, rain gear is a necessity.

Extra footwear: Assuming that you will be wearing the biking shoes while riding, it is always better to carry another set of footwear. The perfect set is not very easy to find. Take up adequate research and find the set that is versatile.

Right Clothing: Go for clothes that are packable, lightweight, versatile and is perfect for varied weather conditions. Though most people think in terms of on the bike and off the bike clothes, it is advisable to carry clothes that meet varied requirement. Most riders swear by light and loose fitting dresses in order to remain protected of Sun rays. If it gets chilly, it is better to opt for layered clothing for more warmth.

Test Run: Regardless of whether this is your first trip on a bike, or you are planning your 15th trip, you must go on a practice ride before you begin your journey. Make sure your bicycle is fully loaded as that will provide with real time experience. You may find it essential to leave behind some of these gears after traveling a few miles. It is a part of discovering how much or rather how little gear you need in order to go for a self-contained adventure.

A Physical Map: We all use Google maps. We use the online maps whenever we are planning a trip. However, we have pretty high chances of being stranded in case we just depend on it. In order to go on even while internet connection fails to work, it is better to carry a physical map always.

Going on a trip riding a motorcycle is always a pleasurable experience. So make sure to make the biking tours as enjoyable as possible.

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