Enjoy a Tour de France Type of Holiday


As a cyclist, you are no doubt familiar with the Tour de France, an endurance pursuit that also offers cyclists a tour of the French landscape. Whilst you do not have to deal with the demands of this cycling event, you can appreciate its influence by scheduling a cycling holiday.

Road bike-based excursions are offered throughout France that acquaint the visitor with one of a number of scenic and enticing areas. These areas are included in the following types of trips:

  • Wine trails through Provence
  • A vineyard ride to the ocean
  • A trip through the Luberon National Park in Provence
  • A road bike trip through Provence
  • A tour of Normandy and its World War II landing beaches
  • An exploration of the castles in the Loire Valley
  • A trip from the Loire Valley to the coast of the Atlantic
  • An adventure trip through the Loire Valley

Most Cycling Adventures Last Seven Days

Most of these holidays are self-guided and are ideal for people whose cycling levels rank from beginning to moderate. Most of the cycling trips are, on average, seven days long.

If you want to explore the vineyards of France, you can do so from April to October. Cycle to your heart’s content from the Entre deux Mers vineyards, which are near Bordeaux, and continue through the pine woods in the Gascogne Regional Park. Your destination for this trip is the ocean beside Arcachon Bay.

Exploring Provence

Cycling in France also includes a six-night excursion, available from March to mid-November, over Provence’s wine trails. During this tour, cyclists get to sample Provencal wines. Because Provence figures prominently into many of the cycling trips, you may want to learn more about this French locale.

The region, which spans from the Rhone River’s left bank and ends at the Italian border on the east, is bounded on the south by the Mediterranean Sea. Provence is home to such sites as the French Riviera, the Mercantour National Park, and the Verdon Gorge.

The reason Provence is often chosen for cycling trips is because of the beauty and splendour of the surrounding landscape. Some of the sun-filled venues inspired the artwork of post-impressionists. Wherever your cycling leads you in Provence, you will be pleased as the area is home to vineyards, hills, and lovely towns such as Aix, Avignon, and Arles. Plus, you cannot help but fall in love with more remote places such as Luberon.

What Is Your Fitness Level?

When making a selection for a cycling tour, you need to decide the time when you want to plan your trip and research the areas that are featured. Review some of the facts surrounding a tour location. By taking a view online, you can get a better idea about the nature of a trip. Also, check out the cycling level. Some trips, such as a road bike trip through Provence, require a higher level of cycling experience. Other trips, such as cycling tours of Loire, offer beginning riders a chance for exploration.

Where do you want to cycle in France? Review some of the trips today so you can plan your escape now or in the very near future.

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