7 Must See Places in India

  1. Lakshadweep

The Lakshadweep is one of the most spectacular islands in the world of 32 square kilometers of which is 36 islands of marine lagoon. Sprinkled with coconut palms, turquoise lagoon, coral reefs, warm hospitality and clean weather conditions, the Lakshadweep is a beautiful beach destination in India . This virgin island is ideal for honeymoon, marine exploration, and water sports. Get detailed information about the natural and manmade places to visit around the globe, on this website: https://newshub4.com/

  1. Kullu Manali

If you are looking for a honeymoon destination in India during the winter, do not look elsewhere, the Kullu and Manali offer a romantic setting, while the Kullu surrounded by breathtaking nature, the Manali is a place where couples can enjoy a sporting activity of sky on snow, paragliding and other. You will visit ancient temples and enjoy the atmosphere in the scenic which makes the Manali a favorite destination even during the winter. Singles in Manali also prefer to go to Rohtang Pass to do the sky game.

  1. Shimla: The queen of the hills

The small road to Shimla is wrapped in snow. The adventure leads to Shimla for a hike which is one of the activities to do here. There are people who visit Shimla for the beauty of its colony and explore its mix of traditional and modern settlements. On another visit, the Shimla for the Wildflower Hall located in Mashobara. One of the luxury hotels and the destination of the Spa. The Wildflower Hall is one of India’s best heritage hotel. The most attractive point is the Himalayas with breathtaking views and the surrounding landscape.

  1. Delhi: A Tale of Two Cities

Delhi is home to 3 fascinating world heritage sites; Humayun’s grave, the fort fort and Qutb Minar’s group of monuments. A contrasting city, Delhi manifests in itself a diversity of Old World charm from the walled city and the modern Lutyen, the newly-built Lotus Temple and Akshardham are spectacular top monuments in the list of places to visit in Delhi . Delhi is also for its international branded hotels which offers beautiful executives for business meetings, city din that rejuvenates you. If you are looking for these exclusives, here are the 5 hotels that we recommend in Delhi. The best way to explore Delhi is to opt for the golden triangle packages that you can explore via Palace on Wheels which is the most famous luxury train in the world.

  1. Orcha and Khajuraho

However, external erotic sculptures are just the representation of spirituality and inner abstinence. It is believed that the architecture of the temple represents the phases of life and that one should enjoy all the pleasures of the world before it is judicious and abdicated, then enter a more enlightened dimension to see God. It’s close to the way Siddhartha became Buddha. Just near, there is the Orchha which is a pastoral pleasure. The title of glory of this small hamlet in Madhya Pradesh is the temple steeple and the Chattris (cenotaphs) as well as the finely carved Jahangir Mahal, a specimen of the fine art of Bundela paintings.

  1. Gujarat

Gujarat is also a better place to visit during the winter, what makes Gujarat, a special destination for tourism in India ? It is his heritage and culture. An array of archaeological sites, the Baolis or the Vav, the famous temple, the tribes, the Great Runn of Kutch and the Gir National Park is the only national park that houses the lion of Asia and makes Gujarat one of destination favourable to visit in India in winter period.

  1. Kashmir paradise on earth

Kashmir is one of the largest and most beautiful destinations to visit in India. If you’re interested in winter vacations in India , check out our page describing the best estimates to visit in India during the winter season. Tourists enjoy sports such as rafting, paragliding, hiking and ice skiing. The Gulmarg is the best destination for those seeking sports activities. Kashmir is also a beautiful destination to satisfy the spiritual desires of pilgrims with some great pilgrimage sites like Vaishno Devi and Amarnath.

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