5 Things to do in Udaipur in 2020


The City of Lakes in Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful locations on the planet. It is not only a photographers paradise but also one of the most romantic destinations on earth. This water place with lakes and water bodies provides a respite to the hot desert state of Rajasthan. In addition to the picturesque locations, there are also innumerable activities around here.

These are the top 5 off-beat things to do in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

  1. Find Culture at the Shilpagram Fair

This annual fun filled and great place to find the cultures and traditions, art and craft, excitement. is one of the best activities to do in Udaipur. Visit this event at Shilpagram held at the west end of the city. You can find ethnic fabric and prints, local handicrafts, royal items used in palaces, mirror embroidery, etc. Artists perform various folk dance, sing traditional songs and music, and also perform stunts while dancing. There are also amusing things to do such as attend a workshop regarding textiles and crafts, attend a pottery class to know how pottery is made, and relish the tangy snacks at the foot courts.

  1. Ropeway Ride for Bird’s Eye View

One of the most thrilling ways to travel and at the same time look over Udaipur literally is via ropeway. The cable car offers panoramic view of the beautiful lake called Lake Pichola. It also allows to capture the perfect shot of Udaipur. Moreover, you get to see the Sajjangarh Fort, the forests in the surrounding areas, Fateh Sagar, and City Palace, Udaipur. Though crowded almost all times, you get a chance on the ropeway and it is worth the wait. It runs from Udaipur to Machhala Hill.

  1. Vintage & Classic Car Museum of Udaipur

There are several things and activities that will set apart the city of Udaipur from other Rajasthani cities. This includes the regal past and the museum at Udaipur is one of the greatest ways to check out the lavish lives of the royals of Mewar and Rajputs. A trip to this place for a couple of hours will not disappoint you. It is said that the cars that are over 70 years old are still in running condition. You can find some models of 1937 Opel, 1936 Vauxhall, 1939 Cadillac convertibles, and rare Mercedes types. Some regal cars were also custom made or modified based on requirements of the royals. Experience Udaipur by travelling through Palace on Wheels train India.

  1. Jeep Safari in Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the jungles around the Sajjangarh Palace this is one of the best activities to do in Udaipur while sightseeing. It is also surrounded by a massive Kishan Pol wall and a hillside. It is believed that there are still some old cannons to be found that were used in the fight for Udaipur. You can find and capture the movements of rare wildlife including reptiles, black panthers, hyenas, and tigers, not to mention the thick and dense flora around. Within the sanctuary there are other attractions and water bodies such as Tiger Lake, Jhar Water Hole, and Bari Lake. It is also a great trekking point!

  1. Walk around the City Palace, Udaipur

On the beautiful banks of Lake Pichola, this massive architectural marvel has 11 smaller palaces and temples, towers, domes, terrace gardens, courtyards, corridors and is constructed with granite and marble. It is definitely an eye treat and it is known for the huge Pols (entrance gates) triple arched gate Tripolia, and Toranas or marble arches (8). There are also ornamental tiles, regal items of past, and olden paintings inside. Set amidst the scenic Aravallis it dates back to 15th Century and the famous Mewar ruler Maharana Pratab was born here. This will definitely mesmerize you.

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